At a glance – who teaches what?

Alex, Anne, Gundi and Kathi teach Hatha
Amin, Caro, July, Kathi, Lilli, Philip, Steffi and Terry Hot 90
Dani, Hannah and Johanna teach Moksha 60 and Moksha 90
Michi and Lilli teach Mum2Be and Mama/Baby


Annemarie – yogic lifestyle

Annemarie praktiziert seit Mitte der 90er Jahre Yoga und startete damit im New Yorker East Village bei Jivamukti Yoga. Als sie 2003 bei einem verheerenden Fallschirmunfall ihre Wirbelsäule schwer verletzt, sich Nervenschäden und zahlreiche Knochenbrüche zuzieht, lernt sie die heilende Kraft des Yoga kennen und schätzen. Jetzt unterrichtet sie bei uns die Morgenmeditation, fließende und revitalisierende Klassen. Sie fühlt sich in der Yogacommunity wohl und lebt einen yogic lifestyle. Das möchte sie auch in ihren Klassen vermitteln.


Caro – FUNtastic

‘The world needs more Yoga’ – this is Caro’s motto! Her heartwarming attitude brings fun and light into her classes. Caro teaches the Bikram Yoga sequence at our Yoga College. Let the sun shine in – easy with Caro!


Gundi – lives and loves Yoga

‘The way you handle yourself on the mat, is a reflection of how you handle yourself in real life.’ This is Gundi’s belief. In her classes there is time to listen to yourself and to discover your inner potential. Gundi is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher and teaches an Ashtanga ‘light’ class in our wonderful warm room… hmmmmm!


Jazz – Love at first sight

Jazz und Yoga, das war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Sie begann hier bei uns im Yoga College das Yoga kennen und lieben, sammelte viel Erfahrung in unterschiedlichen Yogastilen und Ländern, reist regelmäßig nach Indien um sich weiterzubilden. Die Vermittlung ganzheitlichen Yogas einschliesslich Pranayama, Mantras und Meditation neben Asanas sind wesentliche Bestandteile ihres Lehrstils. Jazz unterrichtet in englischer Sprache!


Johanna – shining Yoga

Johanna proves to us that Moksha means enlightenment or release. She will give you precise instructions and with her gentle demeanor the class is a feast for the senses. Johanna has completed the Moksha basic training as well as the flow training. From now on we will fly home with Johanna.


July – with patience to the goal

July is an enthusiastic hot Yogi! She has healed her back pain with Yoga – and as a result her joy of living has been increased dramatically! The best way to connect with your body and to be sincere with yourself is through Yoga. Our Yoga-technician discreetly convinces you with her precision and passion!


Kathi – Yoga Guide

Kathi loves Yoga and loves to teach Yoga! She has decades of experience and an abundance of knowledge about Yoga, medicine and health (Spiraldynamics, Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Reiki therapy and more…). So every class is an adventure. She is the owner of the oldest Hot Yoga school in Austria and has done a lot of grassroots work promoting Yoga. The Yoga College reflects Kathi’s sense for family and a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Kathi has two sons and a big family herself.


Lilli – Yogamama

Lilli completed her teacher training with Bikram Choudhury in 2004. With her motherly instincts and experience, she is able to give the Yogis a feeling of warmth and security. Lilli has done extensive further training, such as Hot Vinyasa, Advanced Yoga, Shiatsu and Hypnobirthing. You can be sure of being in good hands, when taking her class!


Michi – expect the unexpected

Michi’s yoga classes are like a box of pralines – you never know what you’ll get! Whether powerful, dynamic, filled with feeling or focused – they are always inspiring! And with her wonderful, humorous, authentic style, the 90 minutes spent with Michi always fly by. Michi primarily takes care of the Mum2Be and Mama and Baby classes in our Yoga College. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Eva – teacher from inside out

The practice of Yoga helped Eva to find more flexibility and happiness in life. She is a passionate Yogi since many years and now also a teacher from her heart at the Yoga College. Her energy and motivation is a great tool to experience a great class. She was born in Vorarlberg and is also a teacher in her ‘real’ life. Step by step and breath by breath you will learn in her classe, alsways a smile in your face!


Steffi – fresh – juicy- Styrian

Steffi loves to share her passiong for Yoga! In her classes you will get the full package: information, motivation and a big chunk of energy! She has a down-to-earth, grounded personality which she transmits to others, meaning the 90 minutes of Hot 90 are gone in an instant. After-Yoga-glow guaranteed!


Terry – a passionate Yogi

Terry lives yoga! He is always searching for more yoga knowledge to share with his students. His classes are technical, precise, and always an adventure. One can learn a lot when listening to the details. As a husband and father of two boys, Terry is constantly finding ways to incorporate what he learns from his yoga practice into his family life.



Amin – Yoga is a gift

Amin studied Applied Design and has since worked in the fields of architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Yoga came to him through his girlfriend; he fulfilled her birthday wish of attending a Bikram Yoga class together. Looking back, he sees that it was actually a gift from her. After three years of regular practice he attended and graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2014. Amin leads a calm and clear class. It is important for him that Yoga stays accessible to every person.


Dani – the playful free spirit

Through yoga, Dani has gone from a slouching office critter to a playful free spirit. Dani has not only saved her spine, but also freed her heart and brain. Completely let yourself go in her cheerfully spirited Moksha classes. She brings a playful energy with clear relaxed instructions, allowing you to discover the freedom within yourself. Have fun on the mat. There are always new discoveries and a new happiness to be found.


Anne – Vinyasa Lover

Anne has been practicing yoga since 2004 and along the way has been exposed to many different styles and teachers. Her heart beats for the creative and dynamic Vinyasa yoga style. He classes are loving, yet demanding. She attaches great importance to a precise alignment of the asanas, therefore her classes are never short on corrections. “Yoga is my way to get to know myself and my body better. What I learn on the mat, I take with me in my life.”